AT&T CES 2012

AT&T 4G Sphero Race Experience

Created for AT&T's developer conference at CES, the 4G Speedway Sphero Race Experience allowed users to compete against each other racing robotic balls controlled by smart phones.

Sphero UI

We customized the user interface for the Sphero game to suit AT&T 4G LTE brand guidelines. Extreme attention to detail was applied with every texture, button and style.

AT&T 4G Racing Game branding

Real-time Leaderboard

The system communicated through to a large 80" leader board tracking racer times. On-lookers were encouraged to bet on the winning racers via SMS while a referee used a custom developed Android Galaxy tablet app to mark lap times.

Other cool features

  • Brand ambassadors roamed the event space registering contestants on one of the featured Samsung Galaxy Tablets via a custom branded user interface. This put the players into a queue and allowed for a quick start once their turn to play came up.
  • The leaderboard showcased the top 10 race times and notified players by SMS when their time had been beat, encouraging them to return to defend their score. In the spirit of the Las Vegas environment of CES, audience members were able to bet on racers by texting their chosen color to our SMS service, and then notified by SMS of their results once the race was over.
  • The side by side competition of the players and the excitement of the entertained on-lookers created a truly engaging experience for everybody in the room. The real stakes of some amazing prizes including a Nascar driving experience raised the bar for competition and saw many people return over the course of the three days to attempt to improve their Sphero racing skills, all the while emblazoning AT&T's new offerings and product stories in the minds of the attendees.

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