Honda Indy

Interactive Racing Trivia Game

The Taylor Group's long standing client Honda was interested in developing a large format multi-player interactive game to be played by visitors to their corporate tent at the 2012 Honda Indy.

Indy Themed

Using a racing theme and visuals based on the event, a trivia game was conceived where up to four simultaneous players could answers questions about Honda products and history.

Honda Indy branding

Custom App

In complement to the large format video wall, a custom iPod touch application was designed and developed to capture attendees name, email and phone at the beginning of the experience. This user-led action requested minimal input from the player facilitating a low barrier to entry while enabling the experience to be more personalized.

Custom Sound

Additional sound effects were used within the individual devices rewarding correct answers with acceleration sound effects and incorrect answers with braking audio cues.

Other cool features

  • Through communication over WIFI the users' interactions on the iPod Touch devices were instantly represented on the large 13' wide video wall on the individual player speedometer and in the actual speed of the race cars.
  • Other notable game mechanics included a top 10 leader-board encouraging competition and return visits throughout the event as well as an automatic SMS notification to users who had been bumped from top spots.
  • The Honda Trivia Racing Game provided participants with a fun and engaging branded experience and demonstrates an effective tool for both lead retrieval opportunities and participation metrics.

Check out the video!


We won

We are very honored to have won Gold for the Honda Indy Toronto Interactive Trivia Game at the The 2012 EventTech Awards.

The award category was “Best Use of Handheld Technology”. The EventTech Awards
recognizes the best use of technology in experiential marketing.

Gold Winner:

2012 Honda Indy Toronto





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