PaperDude VR Oculus + Kinect + KickR = Our Homage to Paperboy

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How does it work?

The game is built in Unity with 3D assets created in 3D studio and textured in Photoshop. The KickR sensor detects the speed of the bike and has the ability to provide programmatically controlled resistance.  The KickR communicates speed and cadence through Bluetooth to a nearby iPad which updates our app over OSC.

Oculus Rift Wahoo Fitness KICKR Power Trainer Kinect

The Oculus Rift VR headset lets you look around your scene in a full 360 degrees and allows you to focus your paper aim. The Kinect controller tracks the positions of your hands and arms, and detects the paper throwing gesture.

This version of the game marks an early prototype, but here are some elements we're hoping to add down the road...

Obstacles... there is a definite lack of breakdancers, ghetto blasters, and rogue lawnmowers in our version

The dirt bike course at the end... while the real game version of this was near impossible to complete, we think the sensation of flying up in the air with the Oculus on will be exceptional

Internet based leaderboards... if we can get to the point of releasing this we'll need a common ground to hold our international PaperDude VR competitions...

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