Our goal is to create engaging VR that makes you feel like you are living the game. We believe that people’s first experience with VR should be visceral and we achieve that in our projects by combining physical and digital elements.


Paperdude VR took the world by storm. It was the first VR experience we created and used the Oculus Rift DK1, a Kinect and a KickR to bring the classic arcade game Paperboy to life.

Case Study

PowerCube VR, a follow-up project utilizes custom cube-shaped controllers powered by the Intel Edison chip and showcases a multi-player functionality as a retro 3D-VR-2-player-battle take on arcade classic Tetris. In a similar tongue and cheek vibe, PowerCube VR has been setup in a number of festival and conference locations with the addition of great real-world flare of lasers, lights, smoke machines, and live MCs.


The Present

Filmed with a 360 Stereoscopic camera rig, 4 of Toronto’s top graffiti artists paint their pieces before your eyes on invisible acrylic panels. It was shot using a rig of 12 GoPros and produce in collaboration with our friends at Occupied VR.

We printed 4000 custom branded cardboards for the attendees at the conference. The app is available on the iOS and Google Play store.


The Future

People’s memories of VR is not having seen something, but it’s about having been somewhere. Let us take you on a journey.


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